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25+ Universities (Medical & Non-Medical) span across:

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Services Offered:

  • Free Counseling session for Medical & Non-medical Courses.
  • Psychometric Testing – SII
  • Scholarship
  • Application Submission
  • VISA Filing
  • PR Filing
  • LOR/SOP Preparations
  • Forex Support
  • Pre & Post Landing Assistance
  • Bank Loan Assistance

CSR Initiative – Empowering Generation Z

Knowledge is better than wealth because you protect your wealth but knowledge protects you.” Recognizing the role of corporates in India is crucial in improving the educational conditions;

several private organizations have also joined hands with the Government to make that the ultimate dream of offering quality education in India come true.

The ideology behind the top corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in education this year – is to Transform Lives through the Continuous Enhancement of Knowledge and Empowerment. However, the empowerment of Gen Z is the most grey area that has been highly overlooked. This is the generation that is at the threshold of immediate economic growth of the country and to ensure no one is left behind and to advocate adequate financing to control the high rate of depression due to unemployment.

Education followed up with life skills, represents the stepping stone to improve the quality of life, especially for the people with limited resources in terms of finance.

At EDUX360, we have initiated a movement  to empower and equip the less privileged Indian ‘Generation Z’ with life skills which will help them in:

  • Bridging the gap between an educated but unemployed graduate and a corporate job thus bringing down the rate of unemployment.
  • To foster Self – Driven adult Learning that will advance into breaking the strong cycle of poverty from parents to children.
  • Cost and time effective method to enter the realities of Corporate World by Industry-based Global Educators.
  • This initiative will be followed by providing them such empowering modules timely throughout the year.
  • Inspired by SDG – Decent Work and Economic Growth, Generation Z which represents the Young India which will walk towards boosting skill-based country’s economic growth.
  • Control exploitation under the name of experience and internships and help them choose their careers to their desires, aspirations and interest rather than compromising 

How Can A Corporate Be A Part Of This Initiative?

  • By supporting Gen Z from Government schools, colleges, engineering institutes, management institutes and other bodies to attend the session conducted by National and International Researchers and Educators
  • By providing 4 skill based trainings throughout the year and guiding them into enhanced state of living.
  • By providing them a career path which will self fund them into higher education.
  • In many states of India, girl is asked to compromise on further education which increases the vulnerability, so such individuals can be provided with skill enhancement programmes – technical, non-technical, soft and hard skills.

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